Our Methodologies

Our Methodologies

Over the years that we have been working with the Internet we have gained enormous experience

in cutting through the irrelevant issues and focusing on getting the best possible outcome for your organisation.This experience is reflected in the methodologies that we use to build your website and make your business e - enabled!

Strategy & Tactics

We start by sitting down with you and your staff and identifying your business objectives. These might be to increase your new clients by 25%, or decrease your postage costs by 50%. Once the objectives have been clearly defined we research your target market and analyse their needs, their Information Seeking Behaviour, their preffered communication methods and their overall characteristics. Then we show how the objectives can be met by online tactics, such as a building a client extranet, or a subscribers section.

Project Phases

The following explains the sequential project phases that will occur for your website project.

1 - Project Commencement

This is where we set up the final details of your account and project

2 - Configuration

We will set up the web hosting account where your new website will be stored and we will configure the back end software and send you a login to the dashboard. You can expect this in the next 24 hours.

3 - Design

One of our team members will be allocated as your project leader and they will contact you to discuss the design approach for your new website. During this phase of the project they will send you design drafts for review and iterative design approach. At the completion of this your team leader will ask you to approve the design.

4 - Development

When the design has been approved the design will be cut and installed on your new website. If you have any custom code development this will be done during this period as well.

6 - Content entry

At any stage during the development of your website, content and products can be loaded on the website.

We have extensive online guides to how to use the dashboard which you can view online here:

7 - launch

Before your website is launched we will go through your site and ensure that everything works. Before this we will also send you more information on setting of Google Analytics accounts, ideas for SEO and Marketing and we will also ask you to do test transactions.

8 - Marketing

Once your website is launched it`s time for you to start marketing your website.

We have developed an extensive eBook for you to download that outlines the best Marketing Strategies for websites.